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Strategy, excellence, and dynamism to your needs


Societário / M&A


We advise national and international companies during all phases of negotiations in transactional matters and throughout the life cycle of their businesses, including the structuring of purchase and sale operations of companies and corporate reorganizations. In private equity, we focus on funds and other large investors in relation to their strategic investments and divestments and regulatory obligations.


In addition to these services, we also assist clients in matters involving the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), among other regulatory agencies. We answer queries related to the regulation of financial and securities markets, the application of exchange control rules in these sectors and defense in administrative proceedings, advising clients on compliance with normative acts of the National Monetary Council (CMN) and Bacen.

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Planejamento Patrimonial e Sucessório
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Wealth Planning

We have a team of specialized lawyers, who assist individuals and their families in legal matters related to the organization of property and succession, advising both preventively and in the diagnosis of the current structure to identify any risks or inefficiencies, we also develop and implement legal solutions aimed at for the organization, preservation and succession of personal assets, in Brazil and abroad.

Solutions to these cases require a multidisciplinary approach by professionals specialized in various areas of law, such as corporate, tax, real estate, exchange rate regulation, family and succession.



We offer tax advisory services, in the advisory and litigation areas, to national and foreign clients. Our tax consulting services cover tax planning, instruments for obtaining legal incentives and special tax regimes, obtaining and consulting for installments and the like, formal consultations on the interpretation of tax legislation to the competent bodies, legislative monitoring of projects and tax legislation and preparation of opinions.


Our professionals have extensive practice and experience in administrative litigation, before municipal, state and federal administrative courts, as well as in judicial litigation, acting at all levels of jurisdiction, which includes regional courts and superior courts - Superior Court of Justice and Supreme Federal Court.

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Revisão Tributária
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With the vast experience of our specialist consultants, coming from the “Big Four”, we carry out review services of tax and social security credits subject to extemporaneous recovery, according to the statute of limitations, that is, of the last 60 (sixty) months, which can be an excellent opportunity for tax savings and cost reduction for our customers.​

We also verify the main tax operations carried out by our clients and their respective procedures adopted, in order to identify possible tax risks for the company and/or tax benefits applicable to the operations, which can be executed with agility, efficiency and transparency.


The client can rely on the advice of our professionals from strategic and risk analysis, confidentiality agreements, general auditing, to the conclusion and implementation of business in Brazil. In addition, we closely advise and monitor foreign investors in the country.​

In this area, we also advise on the incorporation, incorporation and dissolution of companies, planning, corporate reorganization and regularization, as well as on the preparation and revision of corporate acts.

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Investimento Estrangeiro
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At CH Law, we have extensive experience negotiating and drafting a wide range of contracts and understand the importance of contract risk management. Our team of experienced lawyers will work closely with your company to understand your unique business needs, and tailor-made service agreements, asset purchase and sale agreements, stock purchase agreements, with national and international implications, always seeking optimization and ensuring the management of the risks involved. With a focus on protecting your interests and achieving your goals, we will ensure that all terms and conditions are clearly defined and enforceable. Whether you are establishing a new business relationship or negotiating a critical contract, our attorneys will provide the guidance you need to ensure a positive outcome for your business.



At CH Law, we understand the importance of maintaining reputational integrity and privacy within your organization. Our team of experienced attorneys has developed comprehensive Integrity and Privacy Programs that are tailored to meet your company's unique needs. With a focus on proactive risk and compliance management, our Programs will help you manage potential legal issues, in light of the LGPD and other applicable regulations to combat corruption and bribery, while ensuring that your company's confidential information is protected , by mapping the existing risks in each business area, preparing Policies and Codes of Conduct, advising on the implementation of technical and organizational ESG measures, and even through training sessions with your company's staff.

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Governança Corporativa e Compliance
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We advise on the acquisition of real estate, through the analysis of relevant documentation and preparation of business instruments and issues related to real estate development. We offer the following real estate regularization services: obtaining permits and licenses from public agencies, correction in the property registry, reconstruction and reform in the property registry, construction registration and the registration of the conference of assets.

Direito Empresarial Previdenciário

Social Security Business Law

We carry out social security advisory services in the advisory scope, aiming at adapting the company to modern inspection instruments, such as the Technical Epidemiological Nexus (NTEP), evaluation between labor leaves and the average of companies that operate in the same sector of activity, which can double the monthly RAT contribution, but can also reduce it by half, and E-Social, which links the payroll of companies and the generation of payslips to the collection of social security contributions. Still in the advisory scope, we dedicate special attention to Payroll, analyzing the existence of social security credits.



Our professionals have extensive experience in analyzing labor risks and the consequences for the social security and civil spheres, since the INSS has not only adopted computerized control systems, but also intends to charge companies with social security payments when they do not comply with the related norms. Occupational Health and Safety. We also act with expertise in administrative litigation, with the INSS, as well as in judicial litigation, acting at all levels of jurisdiction, including regional courts and higher courts – Superior Court of Justice and Federal Supreme Court.

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Intellectual property

At CH Law we are committed to protecting our clients' innovative ideas and unique creations. Our team of experienced intellectual property lawyers have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in licensing and assigning trademarks, patents, software, copyrights and trade secrets. We offer trademark registration services, follow-up on requests and conduct administrative procedures before the INPI, to ensure that your intellectual property is properly secured and leveraged for maximum benefit. Whether you're looking to protect a new invention or defend against infringement, our dedicated attorneys will provide the expertise and guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Propriedade Intelectual
Contencioso Estratégico e Arbitragem

Strategic Litigation and Arbitration

At CH Law, we understand that legal disputes can have a significant impact on your business. That's why we offer strategic litigation and arbitration services to protect our clients' interests. Our team is skilled at navigating complex disputes and has a proven track record of success. Whether conducting a high-risk legal process or resolving a contractual dispute, our lawyers have the necessary expertise to achieve your goals. With a focus on protecting your interests and finding technical, creative and strategic solutions, we will work closely with your organization in order to find the best and safest plan of action for each specific situation.

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Personal Data Protection

At CH Law, we are pioneers in Personal Data Protection. We understand the crucial need to protect privacy in an increasingly digitalized and interconnected world. We adopt the most sophisticated practices in the global market to design and implement robust privacy programs in companies, ensuring not only the security of personal data, but also compliance with relevant legislation. Our strategy is based on continuous improvement, evolving with the rapid progression of technology and legislative changes, aligned with the recommendations and policies that we formulate based on our extensive experience. At CH Law, protecting the personal data under your company's responsibility is more than a legal obligation. We are committed to creating an environment of trust and security, as we believe that protecting privacy is an essential step for the success of any business.

Proteção de Dados Pessoais
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